Certified Organic Sweet Potato Slips

December 13, 2021: Sweet Potato Slips are Now Back In Stock!.

Sweet potatoes are a hearty, healthy, delicious southern specialty. With so many uses in the kitchen, they are sure to be a hit at harvest time. Sweet Potatoes are a great item for CSA growers to consider using in their fall and winter boxes. When cured sufficiently, they can store up to 12 months in the right environment. We have customers tell us that they eat sweet potatoes all year long. The best plants start with the best slips.

We offer five varieties of Certified Organic Sweet Potato Slips and six varieties that are grown conventionally. Our Certified Organic Covington, Orleans, Burgundy, and Murasaki slips are G2, from micro-propagated, virus-indexed mother plants. This makes them very 'clean' (genetically) and very productive! Our conventionally grown varieties include Covington, Murasaki, Garnet, Bonita, Evangeline and Beauregard.

Shipping notes: - We recommend shipping via UPS 2 Day Air to guarantee that your slips will arrive in great condition. - We will target a ship date for the week of May 31, 2021 this season. All slip shipments outside of North Carolina will be accompanied by a Phytosanitary Certificate issued by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture. We are not permitted to ship to CA or LA due to restrictions on plant material entering those states.

Download our Sweet Potato Slip Care & Planting Guide!

"Sweet potato is one of the world's most important food crops in terms of human consumption, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, parts of Asia, and the Pacific Islands. First domesticated more than 5,000 years ago in Latin America, it is grown in more developing countries than any other root crop. Despite its name, Sweet potato is not related to the potato. It is a root, not a tuber, and belongs to the morning-glory family. Many parts of the plant are edible, including leaves, roots, and vines, and varieties exist with a wide range of skin and flesh color, from white to yellow-orange and deep purple." (cipotato.org)

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