Organic Huckleberry Gold

Purple skin, yellow flesh

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  • 25 LB
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  • 50 LB
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• Purple skin with yellow flesh
• Medium to small round/oval shaped tubers
• Decent storage potential
• Mid-Late season (90-110 days)

Newly developed as a cross between several highly esteemed American and European varieties.
Huckleberry Gold has a strong nutritional profile. It's purple skin is high in antioxidants, and the yellow flesh is rich in carotenoids. It also has a very low glycemic index meaning it will not spike your blood sugar.
Preferred by gourmet chefs for its creamy texture and buttery taste. Yield potential is equal to or better than Yukon Gold!
Growing Guide: Plant when the ground reaches 50-55 degrees to reduce risk of seed decay. Space plants closer (8 inches recommended) to reduce chance for oversized tubers. Keep nitrogen input on the low side with 2/3 applied before planting and 1/3 after the vines have grown to promote better, more uniform sizing.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Resistant to scab, fusarium dry rot, PVX, and verticillium wilt. Moderate susceptibility to PVY. Susceptible to early/late blight and soft rot.
Culinary properties are comparable to Yukon Gold.