Organic Kennebec

White skin and flesh

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Due to crop rotations and best practices management of seed generations and disease control,
Organic Kennebec Seed Potatoes are not available this year.

OG Cal White
NG Kennebec
CV Kennebec

• White skin and white flesh.
• Medium to large round/oval shaped tubers.
• Maintains quality in long-term storage.
• Early/Mid season (80-100 days)

Widely adapted, Kennebecs will grow well under harsh conditions. Recommended by Clemson University Cooperative Extension for South Carolina climate.
Growing Guide: Fast-growing, high-yielder. Widely adapted, Kennebecs will grow well under harsh conditions
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Resistant to tuber net necrosis, foliage late blight, black leg, fusarium dry rot, phoma rot, potato wart, seed-piece decay, PVS and PVX.
A renowned variety for potato chip making, Kennebecs can be boiled, fried, hashed, and baked. Fully-loaded with your favorite toppings this variety is irresistible.