Seed Garlic - Metechi

Hardneck, Purple Stripe

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The "fiery" Metechi originates from the Republic of Georgia. It produces has 5-7 extra large cloves per bulb, and the big bulbs are packing a big flavor: bold, hot, and with a pleasant lingering aftertaste. Cooking will make the taste milder. Grows very reliably and harvests later than most varieties.

Adapted to produce well is warmer climates. Stores up to 6 months.

US Grown - Conventional Seed.
Growing Guide: Good resistance to common garlic diseases.

Recommended spacing: 4 inches apart and 2 inches deep.
Metechi garlic's intense flavor makes it a favored choice in various cuisines. It's ideal for dishes that require a pronounced garlic punch, such as stews, marinades, and roasted meats.