10LB Naturally Grown Variety Mix

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Customize your mix with the four potato varieties you want using the menus below. All will be evenly distributed in 2.5lb increments. You can select the same variety multiple times if you would like more than 2.5lb in your mix.

Can't choose between the varieties...?

Don't have a lot of space, but want to try growing a more than one type?!

The 10LB Variety Mix is ideal for YOU.

You can customize your order endlessly using the menu above. All seed potatoes are shipped in minimum increments of 2.5lb.

10 pounds of seed potatoes will plant at least 50ft of row space. If you space your seed potatoes 12 or more inches apart, This mix will cover up to 80 or even 100ft of row (for fingerlings).

High-quality crisp flesh and smooth skin. Easy to peel. Works great in all the traditional red potato dishes. Well suited for salads, soups and stews because slices and chunks maintain their shape during cooking and mixing. A respectable baking potato as well.