Organic Amarosa

Red skin and flesh fingerling

Additional Information

  • 10LB
  • $47.00
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  • 25LB
  • $85.00
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  • 50LB
  • $145.00
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• Red skin and red flesh fingerling
• Produces mostly smaller tubers with some large ones
• Keeps well in storage
• Mid-Late Season (90-110 days)

Released in 2010 through an incredible cross-country collaborative effort. Unique in the market as a fully red skin/red flesh fingerling.

High yielder: produces up to 30 potatoes per plant. Healthy! Higher antioxidant levels than All Blue!

A rosa by any other name?
In Spanish rosa means pink. Ama can be derived from the verb amar "to love".
Growing Guide: Stress tolerant. Reliable and easy to grow. AmaRosa is rarely misshapen due to growth cracks or knobs.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Resistant to scab and moderate resistant to late blight.
Shallow eyes make for easy peeling. Smooth skin and tasty creamy flesh both loaded with antioxidants. Retains bright red color when cooked. Great boiled and roasted. It works for chip-making as well and retains the red color for a spectacular crunch!