Seed Garlic - Music

Hardneck, Porcelain Type

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  • 3 Bulbs (15-18 cloves)
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  • 10 Bulbs (50-80 cloves)
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  • 50 Bulbs (250-300 cloves)
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  • 100 Bulbs (500-600 cloves)
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Sometimes bigger is better! Music garlic bulbs typically consist of 4-6 large cloves, making them particularly attractive to those seeking a generous size.

The cloves are covered with a rosy-hued skin that is moderately easy to peel.

Developed by Canadian breeder Al Music from an Italian variety. Gourmet flavor is approved by garlic lovers. Very cold hardy.

Like other garlic varieties, Music garlic is rich in allicin, vitamins, and minerals, contributing to heart health and immune system support.

Growing Guide: As a hardneck variety, Music garlic is particularly resilient in colder climates. It produces a flower stalk, known as a scape, which can also be harvested for culinary purposes.
Offering a robust yet balanced garlicky flavor, .Music garlic's flavor profile has a slightly spicy taste that mellows and sweetens when cooked, making it suitable for a wide array of culinary applications. From sauces and stews to roasting and grilling, its complex taste enhances many dishes.