Sweet Potato Slips - OG Covington

Bright orange flesh with rose colored skin.

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• Bright orange flesh with rose colored skin, sweet and smooth texture.
• Stores well for several months under proper conditions.
• Days to Maturity: 110-120 days.

For North Carolina growers, the Covington Sweet Potato is a hometown hero. Developed by NC State University over years of research spanning from the late 90's to its official release in 2005, the variety was named after a popular and esteemed sweet potato scientist at the university, Henry M. Covington.

Days to Maturity: 110-120 days.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Resistant to fusarium wilt, the russet crack strain of sweetpotato feathery mottle virus, and moderately resistant to southern root knot nematode.
Great tasting flesh is creamy and moist, without stringy fibers. "It eats very well!"