Organic Red Johnny

  • 10 LB
  • $29.50
  • -+
  • 25 LB
  • $67.50
  • -+
  • 50 LB
  • $120.00
  • -+
• Red skin with white flesh
• Medium size oval to round shaped tubers
• Good storage quality
• Mid-Season (80-100 days)

Red Johnny is a NEW variety with good size tubers. It shows a vibrant red skin with creamy white flesh inside. It has medium shallow eyes and is a good keeper. It matures in 85 to 90 days but could be harvested earlier for use as a baby potato.

This is a high quality potato and has the potential to be an excellent fresh pack selection.
Growing Guide: This is one of the first Red/ White varieties that has significant resistance to the pvy virus.