Organic Red Pontiac

Red skin, white flesh

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  • 50 LB
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• Red skin with white flesh
• Medium to Large Round Tubers
• Good storage quality
• Mid-Season (80-100 days)

Developed in Florida in 1945, Red Pontiac is well adapted to both northern and southern climates. Easy to grow, it produces well even in heavy soils and has tolerance for heat and drought. Flesh has a sweet taste perfect for mashed potatoes. Makes great "new" potatoes as well. Skin color will fade in storage.
Growing Guide: Skin is thin so harvest gently or allow skin to set for 1-2 weeks after vines die back before digging. Tubers tend to become oversized so closer spacing is recommended.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Susceptible to most common potato diseases. Moderate resistance to black leg.
Multi-Purpose potato with especially good characteristics for mashing.