Sweet Potato Slips - OG Purple Splendor

Purple skin and Dark Purple flesh

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  • 10 slips
  • $12.95
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  • 100 slips
  • $50.00
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  • 500 slips
  • $115.00
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  • 1000 slips
  • $140.00
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• Purple Skin and Dark Purple Flesh
• Good uniformity among blocky-to-round shape tubers
• For best yields, we recommend 14-16" Spacing, +/- 10,000 slips per acre.
• Days to Maturity: 110 days

The All Purple Sweet Potato has finally arrived, and it was worth the wait!

Out of the North Carolina State University Breeding Program comes Purple Splendor:
• Roots do not dig too deep; stays short even in deep sands
• Plants are Big - Wide spacing recommended to prevent overcrowding
• Cooked flesh is on the dry side with notable sweetness
• Good storage quality
**Produces a high percentage of #1 grade tubers **
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Fusarium wilt: Resistant
Streptomyces soil rot: Resistant
Southern root knot nematode: Resistant
Guava root knot nematode: Susceptible