Organic Austrian Crescent

Tan skin, yellow flesh fingerling

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• Smooth tan skin and light yellow flesh.
• Each fingerling can grow up to 10" long and 2" wide, and weigh up to 18 oz; usually harvested at 3-4" inches long.
• Good storage qualities and High yield potential.
• Late Season (100-120 days).

The modern name for this variety is derived from the German word Kipfel, for croissant. Crescents! Croissants! Potatoes! All go great with butter!
Firm and waxy texture. Nutty-tasting. Excellent in potato salads. Very flavorful when first lightly steamed or boiled and then sautéed into a stir fry. Only downside is it has a bit of a bitter skin. Relatively high starch content for a fingerling.