NG Red Gold

Red skin, yellow flesh

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• Rose red skin with yellow flesh and bright raspberry eyes.
• Medium size, round shaped tubers.
• New potato. Maintains quality for 3-4 months in storage.
• Early season (70-90 days)

Named after the Red River, which runs between North Dakota and Minnesota.
Growing Guide: Medium-yields. Plant close together for a lot of small, tasty ovals, or farther apart for a heavier yield.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Red Gold is resistant to potato leafroll virus and potato virus Y, moderately resistant to scab, and lightly resistant to blight.
This favorite of Northern European farmers is ideal for baking and boiling. Also great steamed, scalloped, and as a main ingredient in creamy soups. Red Gold is a mildly dry potato with a creamy texture and the best flavor of all early varieties!