Organic Russet Norkotah 278

Russet skin, white flesh

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The Russet Norkotah 278 is an exceptionally well performing Russet Norkotah selection. Matures much earlier than Russet Burbank with great quality.

• Early Season Russet
• Long/oblong shaped tubers
• Stores well for 6-8 months
• Early-Mid Season (80-90 days)

A lighter color baker potato with a high percentage of uniform #1 tubers. The main advantage of this variety is that it matures faster than other Russets. It is also adapted to grow well in most climates. Released by North Dakota State University in 1987, this is the most widely grown potato in Nebraska and is very popular with large-scale commercial growers across the country.
Growing Guide: Space plants closer together to reduce oversizing. This variety has a small root system and needs regular watering. Does not yield well in drought conditions. Do not plant too early as new vines are sensitive to cold soil. Requires 20-30% less nitrogen than Russet Burbank.
Disease Resistance Characteristics: Susceptible to most viruses and early/late blight. Highly susceptible to verticillium wilt. Medium tolerance to scab and scurf.
Soft, creamy texture when baked, mashed, and boiled. Good frying quality soon after harvest. Also good for potato chips.